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February 23 | Bethesda, Maryland
Are you a business owner that is ready to take your business to the next level and create the freedom everyone says being a business owner gives you? The THIS event is for YOU!!!
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The Bethesda Champions Summit is the event that kick-starts your journey to building business freedom and living the life you  envision. 
Are you a business leader seeking innovative strategies, expert insights, and valuable connections to supercharge your business? The Bethesda Champions Summit 2024 is your golden ticket to the world of limitless growth and unparalleled success.

Join us for an extraordinary event that will inspire, challenge, and transform you and your business.

Get ready to be...

Inspired. Hear from some of the most badass speakers in the business development arena. These Champions will motivate, engage, enlighten, and spur you on to greater productivity.
Challenged. Its time to get our of your comfort zone! You won't just learn new tactics at the Summit, you'll be challenged, and driven to unleash your business in ways you never imagined.
Transformed. Explore big ideas presented directly from the innovators and thought leaders that are changing the business world. Get ready to transform your organization, your business, and yourself.


Create Freedom from the Hustle and Grind.

Actionable Tactics

Walk away from the Champions Summit with practical strategies to grow and scale your business, backed by real world success stories.

Expert Speakers

Learn from industry-leading speakers sharing their wisdom and experience on business growth and personal development.

Hands-On Workshops

Participate in interactive sessions designed to help you implement new business tactics.

Human Connection

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, forge lasting relationships, and create a circle of influence that will propel your success.


The Bethesda Champions Summit is an event focused on helping businesses close their sales faster! This event is special because there is NO PITCHING.  No selling from the stage. Only 100% value and tools to help you go big.
Drive the conversation with informative panel discussions with industry experts.
Participate in interactive sessions to brainstorm solutions with other business owners.
Discover new tactics to scale your business in engaging workshops on sales, marketing, operations, and mindset.
Work on your business in a supportive environment that fosters collaboration and growth.
Create a lasting impact on your business and your life!


Champion Summit speakers are some of the foremost thought leaders and innovators in their industries and they are experts in generating business exposure and are at the forefront of business development. Our speakers will help you dominate 2024 and make it your best year yet!

Unlike other conferences, our format encourages interaction and collaboration during the sessions, providing you the opportunity to network with the other attendees and the speakers!
Donnie Boivin
Founder and CEO, Success Champions
Host of Growth Mode Podcast
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An award-winning professional sales trainer, top-100 Apple Podcasts host, 5x best selling author, Marine Corps Veteran, and founder of the Success Champions family of companies, you better be ready for the badassery that is Donnie Boivin.

Donnie learned what it took to be successful in sales, business and life over two decades of experience. At the age of 40 he realized he’d been living other people’s dreams and began chasing his own. “I took the biggest risk in my life and opened up my own business!” Donnie went from knowing nothing about running his own business and being on the brink of failure to launching his two world-renowned podcasts, interviewing the top business influencers and building a business that’s now kicking ass and taking names.

Today, he is considered one of the leading global minds on sales, business development, and growth. He has written five bestselling books, been featured on hundreds of podcasts, and been on stage in front of thousands of people sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Donnie’s storytelling skills light entrepreneurs on fire. Hang out with Donnie and you’re bound to get caught up in his badass energy, and begin to master a strategy that helps you live yours too.

Laura Di Franco
CEO of Brave Healer Productions
Award-Winning Publisher

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Laura Di Franco is the CEO of Brave Healer Productions (including Brave Kids Books, and Brave Business Books), an award-winning publisher for holistic health and wellness professionals with a mission to wake the world up to what’s possible for healing, one brave word at a time. This isn’t just your book, it’s your business and your legacy! It’s time to partner with a publisher who understands that.

In addition to serving as the President of The Bethesda Badasses for the past four years, Laura has a 30-year background in holistic physical therapy and is a 13-time Amazon bestselling author, which includes her latest title, Networking for Healers, Curating the Conversations, Connections, and Community that Manifest Your Dream Business


Melissa Henry
Founder of Personal Brandtography™
Melissa Henry, Brand Strategist and Founder of Personal Brandtography™, helps coaches strategically clarify and showcase their personal brands making their marketing WAY more effective for massive impact.

With over 14 years as brand builder, Melissa’s approach combines brand clarity, custom photography, and AI-powered marketing to help her clients gain clear direction and uplevel their positioning to grow and scale faster.

Kyle Steinle
Founder of Do Good Video
A native Marylander, Kyle founded Do Good Video in 2018 with a new found purpose to create conscious content with positive intent. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media & Film from Towson University, and a Master of Science in Analytics & Knowledge Management from Notre Dame of Maryland University. Kyle also holds a Basic Master Practitioner certificate in New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation from The School of Esoteric Sciences. As a video producer and certified healer, Kyle's mission is to nourish individuals with opportunities for healing and transformation. He believes that when an individual is healed, they bring a certain energy into the world that inspires others to also find healing. Kyle's vision is a world where people are guided by, connected to, and living as, Love.


Karen Alegi
Alegi Law LLC
Karen is an attorney whose practice  encompasses a wide range of professional services for business owners. She advises business owners on startup issues, contracts, employment matters and succession planning. In addition to her business expertise, Karen also provides valuable assistance to clients in personal estate planning to ensure their legacy for future generations. 
Frank Byskov, CFA®️, CFP®️
Forty4 Financial
Frank is the founder of Forty4 Financial, a financial planning and wealth management firm focused on aligning your money with your values. His professional interest is the pursuit of the intersection between an academically sound portfolio, investments that are screened for their effect on the world around us, and the personal needs and goals of each of his clients.
Michelle Burke, CPA
Health and Taxes, LLC
Michelle founded Health and Taxes to service her clients by making a significant difference in their income, their ease of operations, and the value of their business enterprise. Michelle brings 30+ years of experience working for multinational corporations and Big 4 public accounting firms including 5 years at PwC's Washington National Tax office.

Michelle is a CPA, tax accountant and overall business advisor, serving the health and wellness industry. She specializes in S Corporations. Her mission is to help support you and your business in your pursuit of a happy, healthy, and fully balanced life.


Maria Oliva, SMS Media
Instagram Expert & Educator
María Oliva is the Owner & Founder of SMS Media, a social media management agency. With over 9 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Maria has a passion for helping creative business owners and wedding vendors attract more followers and bookings on Instagram while having fun, creating content that lights them up, and spending no more than 30 mins a day on the app. With a no-nonsense, results-driven approach, she stands out in the social media landscape, guiding clients to strategic success on Instagram. 


1:00 PM EST
Maria Oliva, SMS Media
1:15 PM EST
The Power of Authentic Networking: How to Build Relationships that Build Your Business
Donnie Boivin, CEO Success Champion Networking
Discover how you can harness the power of authentic networking to build relationships that truly benefit your business.

Donnie shares his transformative journey into networking, which began at a critical point in his career when he was 23 and facing potential job loss. He reveals how networking, a strategy born from desperation, evolved into a powerful tool leading to millions in sales. He’ll discuss the early challenges, including his initial reliance on networking as a primary sales strategy, and how this approach often resulted in transactional, unproductive encounters.

You'll learn the key lessons that shifted his perspective: the importance of building a personal brand based on trust and genuine connections, the necessity of seeking introductions and referrals, and the value of reciprocal relationships.

You’ll understand how networking is not just a sales tactic but an integral part of a successful business development plan and how networking, when done authentically, can lead to significant sales and long-term business growth.

1:45 PM  EST
Magnetic Offers: The Secret to Crafting Offers That Convert
Melissa Henry, Personal Brandtography™
  • Feeling overwhelmed and stuck when trying to communicate your offers to your target audience?
  • Struggling to understand what will make YOUR offer irresistible to your target audience?
  • Losing out on potential clients because your current offers are not appealing enough?

If you say yes to any of these questions, you may be missing key components of your brand that are causing your offers to miss the mark with your target audience.

During this mini-workshop you will learn…

  • What parts of your brand are MOST impactful in creating compelling offers
  • The psychology behind offers and creating an authentic connection with your audience
  • Roadblocks to creating killer offers and how to overcome them
  • How to dive deep into audience insights, shedding light on the angles and approaches that genuinely resonate - no more guesswork

Stop guessing what your target audience REALLY wants and get READY to attract MORE of the right clients in 2024!

2:15 PM  EST
2:30 PM  EST
Demystifying Video for Business Development
Kyle Steinle, Do Good Video
Did you know that video has special powers? Think about it. Have you ever watched a movie or television show and been completely absorbed? Have you ever gotten so lost in the story that, just for a little while, you forgot all about your OWN life? I sure have. This is the power of video! It’s the power to literally transport a person to a different reality! So now, how do we leverage this power to develop our business? Attend this workshop to find the answer.
3:15 PM  EST
The Business of Business
Panel Discussion
Behind the scenes of any business are essential processes and financial FAQs we don’t always know to ask. Our engaging panel session will answer questions and share real-world working knowledge and key points for any business.

Karen Alegi, Alegi Law LLC

Frank Byskov, CFA®️, CFP®️, Forty4 Financial
Michelle Burke, CPA, Business Growth & Wellness Advisor

3:45 PM  EST
The World Needs Your Story
Laura Di Franco, Brave Healer Productions
Ever feel afraid to share your story because it’s not good enough? If you knew sharing it would save someone’s life, would you worry about it being good enough, or would you worry about sharing it more? Get ready to feel the fire of inspiration as Laura Di Franco, CEO of the award-winning publishing company—Brave Healer Productions (and President of The Bethesda Badasses) shares three reasons why sharing your personal story is necessary to build your business and community and change the world. 
4:15 PM  EST
Small Group Breakout Session and Networking Exercise
4:45 PM  EST
Maria Oliva, SMS Media

Register today and secure your access to industry leaders that are ready to help you take your business to the next level and make 2024 a badass year!

Got questions? Let us know.
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4 Badass Speakers
Hands-On Workshops
Interactive Panel on Business Essentials
Collaborative Networking
Integral Growth Opportunities
New Connections with New People!
Opportunity for more networking and no-host cocktails after party

The Champions Summit is for people who are serious about making their business grow.

Elevate your business, expand your network, and unleash your true potential at the Champions Summit 2024. Secure your seat now and embark on a journey towards unprecedented success and freedom!

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Don't take our word for it, previous Summit attendees are still raving about their experiences at past summits!

  • One of my biggest takeaways from this mini summit was that doing something and succeeding is amazing, doing something and failing is great too, doing nothing at all is the worst thing I can do. Work towards my goals, be disciplined and never give up, keep moving. For each door closed, there is a window for opportunity to go through. ~ Julie Silva

  • The Champion Summit was such an amazing experience. It allowed us to open the SCN experience up to our community and it was received with open arms! Can't wait to do it again! ~ Jen Potter


Greencourt Innovation Center

12358 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD
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Welcome to the Greencourt Innovation Center located in Rockville, Maryland. The GIC is an amenity-rich creative workspace that has been meticulously designed for the innovative big thinker that needs space to collaborate and grow. It serves as a vibrant multi-use facility that supports the startup community in the region by offering biotech labs, turn-key private office workspaces, and event/meeting space in a unique industrial setting.

The conference center at the Greencourt Innovation Center is the perfect place to host the Success Champions Network Business Summit – 2024!

We provide everything you need in an exciting setting, including a workshop / classroom space featuring comfortable, ergonomic seating. Amenities include high-speed WiFi, a speaker’s podium, Smart A/V Technology, and a large presentation screen. Pre-function space features a lounge area to relax or just enjoy the company of other like-minded professionals and plenty of natural light in the whole space.



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